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“Leave No Trace” – to avoid the impact on woodland areas
  • Principles:

    • Be well planned and prepared

    • Walk and camp in suitable places

    • Dispose litter properly and take your litter home

    • Maintain the original appearance of the environment

    • Reduce the use of fire and the impact on the environment

    • Show respect to wildlife

    • Be considerate to other hikers and users of woodland areas

  • Preparation:

    • Avoid selecting environmentally sensitive areas to reduce the pressure on land and the environment

  • When hiking:

    • Avoid wearing brightly coloured clothing so as not to startle wild animals

    • Do not leave any litter behind

    • Do not move anything for taking photos

  • When camping:

    • Choose places exposed to sunlight as far as possible to reduce the damage to grass and soil

    • Replace campfire with efficient cooking appliances to avoid leaving traces of charcoal or blackened stones

    • Choose small pieces of wood that are withered and not thicker than an adult’s wrist for lighting a fire

    • Excrete in remote places away from water sources as far as possible, or dispose of excreta collectively to make it easier to be taken away from the wild

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